Miriam Dauom discusses A THERAPY SESSION WITH MYSELF from the point of view of a fellow millennial weaving through life. 

A THERAPY SESSION WITH MYSELF is a play written by Anthony Piccione and directed by Holly Payne-Strange.

A THEARPY SESSION WITH MYSELF is about a boy named Alex. Alex is a teenager and a college student who deals with issues such as depression, social anxiety, and Asperger’s Syndrome. The audience was taken on a roller-coaster journey with Alex to gain a better understanding of his state of mind, his emotions and how to go about them. Alex deals with the stress of becoming a successful writer, loneliness, his past of being bullied, and in most cases, pushing loved ones away, due to his fears of rejection.

The story of Alex unfolded well. The beginning and end of the play started and ended with the same monologue — solidifying the message of the play beautifully. Even though Alex had many life obstacles and felt like there was no reason to continue, he found reasons to continue. In spite of all the darkness in  his life, Alex found light. Which is something we should all take the time to learn.

On stage there were three actors who play “Alex.” Alex starts on stage alone but is visited by “YOU” Alex. You Alex is Alex’s thoughts, almost his voice of reason. “Me” Alex is his flashback-memories. “Alex” played by Nick Roy did an excellent job of showing the audience of what a struggling college student in need of coffee and advice looks like. “You” played by Shane Zimmerman sounded like the thoughts in my head, when I am trying to figure stressful events of life out. “Me” played by Nathan Cusson gave a chilling ending to the story. I felt his passion and pain. It was a strong ending of the character’s journey. Who discovers he is not ready to give up on himself.

All the Alexes and everyone around them all worked amazingly together.



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