Dates and Nuts

Lystra Besson reviews Date me, Do me, Dump me 

showimage17569 (1).jpg

Four drunken women walk into a bar … and begin a tirade of experiences in the dating world.

Sharing the odd but interesting (wild) dating stories from a series of partners all set to music, the audience was invited to their gab-session and interact.


They encouraged the crowd to share their own “fucked up” personal dating stories and to drink after telling them. Each of the four women had very distinct personalities – interesting in their keen observations brought to a froth in stereotype. Steven Mitchell cleverly took the average failed dating experiences that we all face and made them communal and uproarious.

Each of the characters stories matched their personalities. Each more desperate than the previous. There was the gabber; the sex-crazed goth (my personal favorite); and two more a bit more “real.” For them, the failed attempts hit home harder to us. Mitchell gave us women – all women – of different shapes and sizes get rejected or used and have weird experiences with guys and take it. Stereotyping and musicalizing made it palatable as a lesson and not a cautionary tale.

The Broadway Comedy Club lent a comfortable atmosphere for this musical gabfest.

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