Mesmerizing Mary

Melissa Smith reviews Mary’s Little Monster by Thomas Kee


Written by Thomas Kee, Mary’s Little Monster, performed by Spit & Vigor, Mary’s Little Monster is heaped in melodrama depicting an evening shared by Mary Shelley and her opium-addicted, sex-craved friends where stories and indiscretions are shared. It is this dark party that allows Mary to indulge in the aforementioned fun and create something that effected the world and made her a stronger, more confident woman.

The unique location of the performance, a room within the old home of the lates, Rip Torn and Geraldine Page aptly named Torn Page, allowed the audience the feeling of being a part of the group’s drama.

During an opening moment depicting Mary’s nightmare, actress and director, Sara Fellini (as Mary), used a plasma bulb to imitate that she was instilling life using electric currents (a nod to her famed work) into her overdosed friends. Her performance was mesmerizing.

I felt the music, mood, and body language of she, and actor/producer, Adam Belvo (as Polidori), allowing me the sensation of the electric shock that never existed. While the entire company was top-notch, it was Fellini that created a feeling of being connected to the story as if we were in the room part of the party.

Delightful, atmospheric, and entertaining all around.

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