Student body … and mind.

Review by Rachel Meza


I attended A Therapy Session with Myself by Anthony J. Piccione. In this play, we see the main character Alex, suffering from anxiety, depression, among other obstacles, finds himself lonely with no friends and addicted to caffeine and alcohol to assuage – or at least drown – his loneliness and stress he faces in college. At his desk, procrastinating, he receives a visit from the “future him,” coming to help. Throughout this play, they interact with each other, and “older Alex” tries to explain to the current Alex that his life isn’t as bad as it seems and he actually has a lot to be grateful and even happy for. They talk about painful moments in his life, including the ones he wanted to forget like being bullied and breaking up with girlfriend. The underlying meaning to these conversations denote that everything happens for a reason and maybe Alex should simply get out of his own way.

This truly was a great experience. Mental health is something that I believe is important and should be talked about more. The ensemble of spot-on actors were able to display how sad Alex was feeling and how his mistaken opinion that he is uncared-for. The Alex of his memories was a really good actor – he showed how everything affected him and he was able to depict what having anxiety looks like. There was a scene where he was in class and he was talking to his classmates and it was so realistic to something that I have seen or gone through myself.

This play was totally relatable. I think all college students can relate to the stress of school, making friends, and the loneliness that we have to face due to the high school-to-college transition. This effects us mentally with ease. I think this play is authentic in that it shows how exactly how a lot of people — and students — feel.

67402319_2538345689518370_1248688482054832128_n (1).jpg

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