Big Deal over Little Women


“As our resident artist ensemble continues to grow, I am excited to be exploring the works of writers that present complicated, fascinating and challenging women to their audiences. There is no better place to start than Ms. Gerwig’s version of Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women‘ a story rich with varied women who each touch our souls.”

34108666_10100609293194186_4887255011379118080_nSo speaks Anthony Laura regarding the inauguration of an online reading series produced by his multimedia corp., Face To Face Films (
The screenplay of “Little Women” by Greta Gerwig, directed by Laura and featuring members of his company, many of whom will be appearing in the revival of his acclaimed stage play, The Girl With The Red Hair, will be done over Zoom at 2:00 PM on Saturday May 23. The reading is free with a suggested donation of $5- $15 that will go to charities affected by COVID19. 
Casey Hartnett (who plays Hayley Jones in The Girl with the Red Hair and a creative partner at Face To Face as well as with the reading series) will play Jo March. Vivien Cardone (Everwood and A Beautiful Mind) will play Meg March. Samantha Yestrebsky will play Amy March. Alexandra Rooney will play Young Beth March. Rheanna Salazar will play Beth March. Kristen Hasty will play Marmee. Rosanne Rubino will play Aunt March. Alex Commito will play Laurie. Josh Adwar will play Mr. Laurence and Gabe Calleja will play John. Some actors will double in under roles. Unless mentioned, all of the March sisters will be played by the same actor in both timelines.
Sofia Licata serves as an actual stage manager in this virtual production.

Attendees should RSVP at

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