Artist Spotlight: Amy Losi

Norma Mortimer brings us family drama – more like the drama from family! RUN THE COURSE & DADDY’S GIRLS, running at the American Theatre of Actors, 314 W 54th St, in NYC, March 2 – 13 (Wednesday thru Saturday @ 8pm; Sunday @ 3pm. Call for tickets: (212) 581-3044)

RUN THE COURSE: A suicide meant to tear a family apart only brings them closer only to discover it might not be a suicide at all and DADDY’S GIRLS: A widowed father is at the center of a family controversy involving social status. Can love really conquer all?

Five-Star Arts Journals shined a light on the emerging artists in this group of new works, but there are some stage celebs in the cast. Veteran actress of the stage and of the ATA in partcular is Ami Losi. “I’m very grateful to have played a broad range of roles over the past twenty-two years,” remarked the veteran character actress, “I love to play against type or be challenged to stretch as an actor. I enjoy comedy and drama—and alternating between the two,” she said, before revealing her other talents, “I’m also a playwright. I’ve written seven plays to date and garnered several awards. I’ve written some of the roles to give myself opportunities that a casting director might not,” she continued with a wink.

DQR further inquired about her life on the stage.

What obstacles do you encounter in creating your role(s)?

The challenge is finding the balance between the playwright’s directions and notes and what feels organically right as your character emerges. As you internalize your character, some choices feel right even if they don’t quite mesh with the stage directions. The words and emotions can take you in a slightly different direction.

Do you think this should be a Broadway play or an off-Broadway play? Why?

This version of “Run the Course” is actually the second act of a longer play. I can see the full-length version off-Broadway in an intimate setting. It would be great to feel the audience taking the emotional journey along with the characters. And hearing their response to the plot twist that is revealed in the last scene!

You’re working in a landmark theatre with one of its premier directors, creating roles in new plays… How does it feel? 

Like home! I’ve been fortunate to work at ATA for the past 11 years. And fittingly, my first play there was directed by Laurie Rae Waugh and we’ve been working together ever since. I love working with Laurie because she has so much to offer as a director and she respects — yet guides — her actors. This is my 8th play with Laurie and 13th at ATA.

What’s next? 

I’m lucky to have my next role waiting in the wings! I’m playing the lead in an original drama about a woman who resents her husband and their long marriage and finally gets her revenge. We did a staged reading of the play in December and now we’re doing a full performance for one night only in early April.

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