Many Happy Returns of IRTE!

reviewed by Turan Koyuncu

20728315_1632156590135855_423789961411305863_n (1)

Happy Birthday, Stupid Kid directed by, Robert Baumgardner, IRTE’s latest interactive arts piece – lots of improv with swathes of fine acting mixed in, allowing we, the audience, to have a chance to come up to the stage and celebrate a birthday party.

I myself went up to the stage and joined the fun.

20664849_1632156593469188_9216800486649938445_n (1)Impressive acting, quick thinking, on-the-spot staging, and brilliant improvisation made this one of the better presentations at the festival. You are greeted at the door with birthday hats and leave with cake in your hand.

20770304_1632156596802521_1122562444961830092_n (1)In between, the cast is joined by balloons to play with and also face paint! Also, some of the audience were having a conversation with the actors about how did you know the aforementioned stupid kid, Jamie, and – there you have it – we are now actors and characters, and even plot devices.

20664657_1632156650135849_4683008464882262619_n (1)Imagine the ACTUAL parties this amazing group can do!

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