Ruby: A Real Gem

susangross_icon-150x150.jpgRuby By Susan Gross

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

The Clemente, The Latea Theatre

Reviewed by Alexa Garcia



This emotion-packed tale would probably make you cry if it wasn’t for the clever bits of humor peppering this one-person narrative about a women’s journey post-miscarriage. We go along for this ride as she tries to cope with her grief, body issues and anxiety. Ruby (played with command and sincerity by author Susan Gross) takes us on a roller coaster ride trying to get past the confusion ensuing after the loss of her impending child. She tries to understand the loss, coupled with her continued desire to have a child while being surrounded by women who seem to have it all.

Both written and solo-performed by Susan Gross and directed by Jake Lipman, this show has seen many venues in its life – Virginia, Boston and New York City. Gross managed to tell an engrossing tale relatable to many on many levels.

Ruby delivers the kind of punch that connects you to its topic and gives you a powerful night in the theatre. Tongue in Cheek Theatre is known for presenting works of this caliber … you will laugh, you will cry, you will learn.  


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