Women in the Arts 2019: Elite Images by Marcina Zaccaria


Photographers, Videographers, Assistants, and their Subjects present a complete outpouring of their entire vision. What makes it to the gallery, to the screen, or to the theater?

Marcina Zaccaria’s All About Image/We Are The Elite directed by Tony Tambasco; Part of the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeBYOV) at The Kraine Theater, 85 E 4th St, New York City on October 3 @ 7:00; October 4 @ 7:00; October 5 @ 5:15; October 6 @ 5:30

A drama written in the present time, taking place in New York City and other parts of the US, All About Image/ We Are The Elite takes us on a journey of the people who make images. In the process of capturing and making images, the characters explore their personal relationships, while re-affirming their aesthetic principles. With attention to memory, consciousness, and place in time, action occurs and re-occurs. Quiet and stillness are values.

“Actors speak in vignettes, coordinated with static and moving images. The play is inspired by the Cinematograph and early photographic techniques, with video projected near the actors moving in different rhythms,” says Playwright Marcina Zaccaria.

In All About Image/ We are the Elite, in monologues and dialogues, revelations are within their grasp. Are they always in the process of creating something that is greater than what’s on a page, what’s in the photo gallery, and what’s on the screen?

69697912_10217251904422564_1415596103792852992_n.jpgWe grabbed Marcina Zaccaria for a few words on a lot of pictures!

This play is about those who make the visuals, correct? 

Yes.  This play is about Image Makers.  Photographers, Documentary Filmmakers, Editors, and their Assistants.  All About Image/ We Are The Elite is a close examination of the people behind the camera and in front of it.

Do you consider yourself a visual as well as a verbal artist? Can someone be both? 
Text can be pictorial, as well as linguistic.  So, artists who use words are as capable as artists who work with pictures.  To tell you the truth, I use words much more often, but I really enjoy both types of artistry.  
Considering emojis and text-slang, have we become too visual a society?
I sometimes worry that we are too visual of a society.  I believe that you have to allow the next innovation, but remain true to your aesthetic principles.
What do you hope the audience takes away from your piece? 
All About Image/ We Are The Elite takes place in the present and several years earlier.  So much has happened over the last ten years.  America has changed.  Careers have been tested, lives have been lost, and the barrage of images surrounding us beckons with the promise of something better.  While reaching for the brass ring, relishing the climb to the top, many have seen their friends and associates dismissed or worse.  
There’s a Military General in the play who can’t wait to see New York.  He wishes to see the Writers, Artists, and Intellectuals who make it such a great City.  I hope that the New Yorkers who see this show take the opportunity to see themselves, and know that there is much to stand up for and wish for in the future.  
What’s next? 
I have a new play that is going to be read at The Lamb’s Club in the Spring.  Can’t wait to tell you about it then.

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